Executive Safety Leadership 360 Assessment

Leading Safety's Executive Safety Leadership 360 Assessment is an online assessment that provides leadership teams with information on where their safety leadership currently stands, including their strengths and development opportunities.

Each participating executive completes the Executive Safety Leadership 360 Assessment and invites a group of respondents (people they report to, peers, direct reports, etc.) to also do so.

A confidential report is emailed to each participating executive once all respondents have completed the assessment. This report identifies personal strengths and areas for development as well as suggested development practices tailored to that individual's safety leadership profile. A one-on-one feedback session is then held with a Leading Safety consultant to work through the report in detail and agree a personal development plan.

A leadership team report is also compiled based on aggregated responses. This report identifies the team's collective strengths and areas for development to inform the team's ongoing safety leadership development. A facilitated workshop is then held with the leadership team to align development activities with the organisation's wider leadership development processes as well as agree areas of focus and a related development plan.

The Executive Safety Leadership 360 Assessment has been adopted by the Business Leaders' Health and Safety Forum, a coalition of business and government leaders committed to improving workplace health and safety performance in New Zealand. The Forum's focus is to make workplaces safer by growing world-class safety leadership.