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There is no debate that effective leadership is central to achieving healthy and safe workplaces. While leaders can work at any level in an organisation, managers and frontline supervisors play a crucial role in developing – and sustaining – a strong health and safety culture and performance to match. Through their words and actions, senior and frontline leaders must demonstrate that there is nothing more important than the health and safety of staff.

Safety leaders need both a safety mindset and to consistently demonstrate sound practices in order to foster a culture where health and safety performance is improved through learning.

Leading Safety has developed and delivered safety leadership programmes at all organisational levels – from CEOs to supervisors – across a wide range of sectors in New Zealand and Australia.

In 2012, the Fletcher Building Safety Leadership Programme – developed, facilitated, and supported by Leading Safety – won the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand's 2012 Southern Cross Health Society Wellness Award.

Leading Safety's public version of this programme, "Not On My Patch", has been customised and implemented with great success in New Zealand and Australian organisations.

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