Safety Culture Indicator

The 3-phase Safety Culture Indicator process assesses your staff's current safety mindset and practices and identifies the actions required to improve your organisation's safety culture and, in turn, safety performance.

Phase 1: Safety Culture Indicator Survey
All staff are invited to complete the online Safety Culture Indicator survey. The survey is also available in hardcopy if some staff do not have computer access.

Phase 2: Safety Culture Indicator Focus Groups
Representative groups of staff participate in focus groups to review the key results of the Safety Culture Indicator and to identify (i) things that are working well and things that are not working well in terms of each safety culture dimension; and (ii) practical actions that will improve your organisation's overall safety culture. These focus groups are led by independent facilitators and involve a minimum of 10% of all staff.

Phase 3: Safety Culture Indicator Report(s) and Safety Improvement Plan
The insights gathered from both the survey and focus groups are pulled together in a comprehensive Safety Culture Indicator Report (for your overall workforce as well as for nominated work groups) and a Safety Improvement Plan that identifies what needs to be done, how it can be done and who will do it.