Safety Culture.jpgWhat is Safety Culture?

Safety culture is a measure of the values and priorities placed on all aspects of safety by everyone at all levels of an organisation. It is the "the way we think about, do, and deal with things around here".

An organisation's safety culture can be assessed in terms of 7 key dimensions identified from the safety and human factors literatures:

  1. Valuing safety: Safety is the first operating principle and guides the way work is done.
  2. Leading safety: Through their words and actions, senior and frontline leaders demonstrate that there is nothing more important than the health and safety of staff.
  3. Investing in safety: The resources (people, equipment, systems, information and time) necessary to strengthen safety culture and performance are provided.
  4. Communicating about safety: Safety-related information is communicated effectively and is accessible across all levels of the organisation.
  5. Engaging in safety: All staff are involved in health and safety matters and see themselves as personally accountable for their own and others' safety.
  6. Learning for safety: All near hits and incidents are seen as opportunities to learn and improve health and safety.
  7. Dealing fairly with safety: Safety contributions and achievements are recognised and the actions of staff are dealt with fairly and consistently.


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