Think Safe, Act Safe, Be Safe.

Leading Safety specialises in safety leadership, safety culture, human factors and workplace health and safety. "Think Safe, Act Safe, Be Safe" reflects our guiding framework: Having the right mindset and practices is fundamental to achieving a healthy and safe workplace, where work-related illnesses and injuries are preventable.

Our Approach in a Nutshell

Leading Safety works with clients to find meaningful, effective solutions to workplace challenges. Our track record of successful project design, implementation and delivery is based on the following factors:

  • We have extensive expertise and experience in the safety leadership, safety culture and human factors fields.
  • We work to understand, and meet, a client's particular needs rather than imposing off-the-shelf "solutions".
  • Our interventions are theoretically sound and evidence based, and supported by easy-to-understand organising frameworks, resources and practical tools.
  • We are committed to building a learning legacy at the "back end" of each project and to sharing and promoting this learning.


Leading Safety’s principals, Dr Hillary Bennett and Dr Philip Voss, have PhDs in psychology and 25 years’ experience working as consulting psychologists in organisational settings throughout New Zealand and Australia. Their strength lies in the ability to translate complex theoretical constructs into effective interventions and useable, practical job aids.

Leading Safety is a specialist consultancy, meaning that clients can have confidence that the people who win the work are the people who actually do the work.